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OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS as minimal installation

For flawless production usageMain Server minimum requirements are:

  • CPU: 8 core / 16 threads
  • RAM: 32GB
  • Disk: SSD
  • Storage: 100GB available in root directory ( / )

Depending from your usage purpose, Load Balancers do not have minimum requirements.
For Production use Server should be strong and reliable.

How to install:

Main Sever Installation Instructions

1. Download and unzip file
2. Upload the install_main.sh to your server root folder
3. Run following commands
sudo apt-get update sudo chmod +x install_main.sh

3. Start the installer for Main Server:
./install_main.sh |& tee install_main.log.txt

During the script execution, you will be prompted to provide your application name. Please enter the appropriate information when requested, and then allow the installation process to run its course.

Load Balancer (LB) Installation Instructions

1. Upload the install_lb_patch.sh to your server root folder
2. Run following commands
sudo apt-get update sudo ufw disable sudo chmod +x install_lb_patch.sh

3. Start the installer for Loadbalancer Server:
./install_lb_patch.sh |& tee install_lb_patch.log.txt

Follow the prompts provided by the script, entering the IP address of your main server when required.

After the script execution completes, you may continue with the LB installation process via your control panel.

Remember to follow each step precisely, as deviations may lead to installation issues.


Dont working:(

01 April 2024, 20:05:38

How to download?

24 May 2024, 15:20:01

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